Registration FAQ

Meade Sports Registration is a 2 step process.

Step 1 – Complete the online registration
Step 2 – Upload a picture/Scan of your Physical Exam into your FamilyID registration

Both steps must be completed prior to sport participation!

Most Common Reasons Students are not permitted to tryout

1. Physical Form Not Approved?
A) Exam signed prior to June 1st of the current Season/School Year
B) Form is incorrect. Physical forms state that your child has been cleared for physical activity. Wellness visits are not physical forms
C) There is no stamp from the doctor or their office verifying the form.

2. Insurance Information
A) Missing
B) Incorrect
You must provide insurance for your child. If you do not have insurance, insurance can be purchased through K&K Insurance. Please see the link in the registration tab.

Online Registration Directions

  • On website – Under Registration Tab – Click on the appropriate season.
  • Take Note of Registration opening, meet the coaches night, and tryout dates
  • Click the link to take you to the FamilyID online registration system.
  • Create an account using your email address – or sign in if you have registered with us before. (DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT)
    • Sign into your email – Click the link to Verify the email address from an instant email sent by the FamilyID website
  • Choose the sport you are interested in tryout out for
    • You may only tryout for one sport at a time. Please do not sign up for more than one sport, in one season.
  • Complete the entire registration form and click submit.
    • Information asked/found on here will be the same information we have gathered in previous years.
    • If a question is not answered in a required field(*), You will not be able to complete the online registration and will be directed back to that particular question.
    • This form will only need to be completed once and can be simply updated for any future sport registration

If Insurance and Physical Form are Approved – you are all set to tryout!