Coach Applications

 Coaching Application Process


To Apply For a Meade High School Head Coaching Vacancy:

    • Send a Resume to Athletic Director –
    • Apply online via AACPS Navigator Application Service
      • Directions can be found below (Step 1)

To Apply For An Assistant Coaching Vacancy:

  • Contact the head coach of your interested program
    • Current Head Coach Emails can be found under program links on the sport specific page
      • Optional – Send a resume, when contacting coach
  • The Head Coach, assisted by the Athletic Director, will make all decisions regarding their staff

Coaching Requirements Checklist:

  • Step 1-4 Must be completed before an official coaching contract may be offered
  • Step 5 – Care and Prevention Course – Must be completed before the start of your second year of coaching and must be completed to process payment of a first year paid coach.
  • Step 6-7 Must be completed by Non AACPS Employees prior to any child involvement
  • Step 8 – Must be completed by Non AACPS Employees prior to the start of their 4th season

1. Online Employment Application

2. CPR and AED Certification- Expires after 2 years

3. Concussion in Sports Online Course (expires after 2 years)

4. Heat Illness Prevention Online Course – Does Not Expire

5.Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Original (Expires after 5 years)- Must be completed prior to payment and/or the beginning of volunteer or paid second season

Steps 6 and 7 can only be scheduled/completed if you have completed Step 1 and have been submitted to the Board Of Ed as a coaching hire by the athletic director.

Steps 6 and 7 Do not need to be completed if you are or have been employed by AACPS in the last year to the date of official hire.

AACPS does not accept fingerprint verification from outside sources. Fingerprinting needs to be completed by the AACPS board of education. No exceptions.

6.  Employee processing (Non-AACPS Employees)

  • Important ! Combine with step 7 – Fingerprinting
  • Appointment only! 410-222-5070
    • Appointments can only be made after Athletic Director Submits your hire to the board of ed.
  • Offered at the AACPS board of Education on
    • Tuesdays at 10:00 AM
    • Thursdays at 1:00 PM
  • Processing Includes
    • I-9 form (Bring two forms of ID)
    • Child Abuse and Neglect form
    • Employee data form
    • Tax forms
    • Direct deposit form

7. Finger printing (Non AACCPS Employees) 

  • by appointment only! 410-222-5045
  • Important ! Combine with step 5 – Employee Processing
  • Fingerprinting must be completed at the AACPS Board of Education.

8. Credentialed Coaches –
Emergency Coaches – coaches without a teachers license – must become credentialed coaches after year three. Coaching Credentialing is strongly recommended to be completed ASAP to ensure job security

Click here for more information regarding Credentialed Coaches

Contacts and Addresses

Meade Athletic Department
Athletic Director –
Jamie Cook
Office Phone: 410 672 7710
Meade High School
1100 Clark Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755

Anne Arundel Board of Education
2644 Riva Road
Annapolis Md, 21401